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Crusoe Drive House

US$ 200.000

This fixer-upper house is situated on a spacious parcel of land located centrally in Crown Point, Tobago.  The property consists of a 2 storey building located on flat land, with space for expansion and development.  The building has a large 1 bedroom apartment upstairs, 2 (1) bedroom apartments, and 1 studio apartment downstairs.   This property is within walking distance to the Atlantic Ocean Front and 5 mins drive to ANR Airport, popular beaches, and amenities. This property is a great opportunity for investors who are looking for a property to renovate or a homeowner who would like to live in the same property they can earn an income from.  


Crown Point
200.000 US$
(non negotiable)
5005 Sq Ft
Tenure Status
Large 1 Bedroom Apartment Upstairs
2 (1) bedroom & 1 Studio Apartment downstairs
Walking distance to the Atlantic Oceanfront.
5 Mins drive to ANR Airport
5 Mins drive to popular beaches and restaurants
This property generates regular rental income
Rain Property Management & Real Estate LTD
Crown Point Shopping Mall, Store Bay Local Road  (Green Plaza)