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Lighthouse Oceanfront

TT$ 2.9 M

Beautiful sea views and scenery are what you are met with, when entering the compound of this property. This gorgeous 2 storey house is located on the oceanfront of Bacolet village, Tobago, facing the Atlantic Ocean. You would definitely appreciate the sounds of the crashing waves, whilst relaxing on your balcony, swinging in your comfy hammock.
Upstairs, has a 1 bedroom apartment, 1 bathroom, and a kitchen and living area separated by a breakfast bar.  You would have a great time on your large verandah overlooking the garden and views of the Atlantic ocean. A perfect space to entertain friends and family.
Downstairs, has a 2 bedroom apartment, with 1 bathroom, and an open plan kitchen and living area. The porch is another entertainment area within the property, perfect for liming with friends and family. This area extends to the large lawn, yet another entertainment area suitable for weddings or events. The views downstairs are just as spectacular as upstairs.  '
The property is within 15 mins drive to popular beaches, bars, restaurants, and malls. The ANR Airport is just a short drive away, making it a great and convenient destination for holidayers.
This house is a perfect investment for buyers who are looking for a property that generates a regular income, or a comfy home to live in.


Bacolet Village
$ TT 2.9 Mil
Size of House  2,000 Sq Ft
Size of Land   20,000 Sq Ft
Tenure Status
(1)1 bedroom apartment (Upstairs)
(2)2 bedroom apartment (Downstairs)
Large landscaped gardenAmazing views of Atlantic ocean
20 mins drive to ANR Airport
15 mins drive local beaches & amenities
Could generate rental income
Rain Property Management & Real Estate LTD
Crown Point Shopping Mall, Store Bay Local Road  (Green Plaza)