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Plymouth Fixer Upper

TT$ 650.000

Steal of a deal. Don't miss out
Discover the potential hidden within this remarkable piece of land located in the residential area of Plymouth, Tobago. This unique property offers three run-down buildings, presenting an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a renovation project or investment venture. With its prime location and the ability to transform these structures into charming homes or rental properties, this property is a diamond in the rough.
Situated in a tranquil neighborhood, this land holds great promise for those with a vision for revitalizing old properties. The three buildings on the premises are in need of significant renovation and remodeling. With a keen eye for design and a touch of creativity, these fixer-upper structures can be transformed into beautiful residences or income-generating rental properties.
Plymouth offers a charming setting with its lush greenery and peaceful surroundings. You'll enjoy the benefits of residing in a residential area, with access to a range of amenities such as schools, shops, and restaurants. The property's location ensures convenience and a desirable quality of life for its future occupants.
A great fixer upper and investment property. Dont miss out.


Plymouth, Tobago
TTD 650.000
7200 sq ft
Tenure Status
Land with three run-down buildings ready for renovation
Ideal for investors or those seeking a renovation project
Potential to transform into charming homes or rental properties
Spacious land offering room for expansion and customization
Prime location in the residential area of Plymouth
Convenient access to schools, shops, and restaurants
15 mins drive to ANR airport, popular beaches, bars and restaurants.
15 mins drive to Scarborough ferry port.
Rain Property Management & Real Estate LTD
Crown Point Shopping Mall, Store Bay Local Road  (Green Plaza)